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Student Council


The student council of the Vistula University represents the students’ community of the university. Members of the council are students (prefects of groups) of individual faculties.

The main goal of the Council is to work for the benefit of the student community, to monitor student rights and to ensure that the students’ duties stipulated in the statute are observed.

The Council gives students information on the life of the university and assists them in all the issues that concern it. The Council also informs students about any changes in the didactic process and organizes cultural and entertainment events for students, such as: the freshmen party (Otrzęsiny), St. Andrew’s night party, or Juwenalia student festivals. In the past academic year, out of the initiative of the Council, the students had the opportunity to have a good time i.e. on the Mid-Studies Party (Połowinki) in club Remont in Warsaw, together with Robert M and Wet Fingers on the university’s Juwenalia festival, or on the Hawaiian Party at the end of the academic year. They also took part in the Warsaw student parade.

Members of the Council have the chance to participate in academic conferences and conventions organized by the University. This helps their intellectual development and helps establish contacts with people from the world of politics and business. As representatives of the student community, they e.g. took part in a meeting with the president of Turkey and the richest Pole – Leszek Czernecki.

However, the Council’s activity is not only limited to the University itself. Students actively cooperate with councils of other Warsaw universities, partners of the University and the authorities of the Ursynów district in Warsaw. This cooperation has brought about many valuable initiatives, including the organization of the Eco-Day promoting pro-environment attitudes among citizens of Ursynów.

All those interested in participation in the management of the University and in shaping its image are welcome!
Samorząd Studentów Uczelni Vistula jest reprezentantem społeczności studenckiej uczelni. W jego skład wchodzą studenci (starostowie grup) poszczególnych kierunków studiów.

Samorząd Studentów Uczelni Vistula
ul. Stokłosy 3, 02-787 Warszawa
tel. (+48 22) 45 72 392
pokój 218 A
e-mail: samorzad@vistula.edu.pl
Facebook: Samorząd Studentów Uczelni Vistula

www. -  samorzad.vistula.edu.pl